Why Pardis Travel?

There are so many websites and travel agencies that you can purchase your airline tickets, get your hotels or buy your travel packages but why you should choose us?

Because of:

24/7 customer service

    • We want to give our customers peace of mind that we are always next to them for any upcoming events or for any traveling requests, that’s why we are offering 24/7 customer service.
    • We provide travel assistance in three languages, English , Persian, and Kurdish, and we focus on personalized service with a commitment to assist our customers in a caring and thoughtful manner.


No Hidden fees

    • The price we give you is the final price you pay. We do not add taxes and other fees later to hide the true cost of the purchase. We are not like many websites and travel agencies that only show or give you the fake price that is not true.
    • A lot of travel agencies try to give you (as an Adult) good price but for your accompanied child or infant they make it more expensive to have better profit. In such cases, we always follow honesty with our customers and we won’t let them to lose money.
    • Our competition typically sells discount fares as non-refundable resulting in total loss to customer in case of cancellation, when in fact at least a partial refund could be obtained. We believe our biggest profit is satisfied and returning customers and we go the extra mile when handling reservations on our clients’ behalf.


Matching Price

    • We always check our fares with other competitors, ensuring that you are getting the best possible deal on the market.
    • In an unlikely event, that you call us first and after that you find better fare, we not only match that price for you but also will give you a discount coupon for your next purchase.


Best Savings

    • Our philosophy is “Comfort in Travel with Best Quality of Service”. This means our offers for traveling is unique and no one else has.
    • As a partner of airlines consolidator, we have contract with more than 80 airlines in the world. We offer fares on a wider variety of airlines than you will not find on major travel sites, other travel agencies and meta-search engines. A significant amount of discount airlines we have and you could miss out on excellent deals!


Getting Frequent Flyer Number and Earning Miles

    • Most fares you buy with us qualify for mileage accrual with some exceptions.
    • We are providing Frequent Flyer Number (FFN) for our customers that could not find a chance to register for that. Also we give them the best advices to how redeem their mileages.


And also

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Fairness, Eagerness, and Willingness
  • Sincerity and Professionalism
  • Courtesy and Respect

We strongly believe these not only will bring satisfaction for our clients but also will be our key of success.